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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 15, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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>> cris: jason worilds is going to dip underneath andre smith here and get pressure on andy dalton on that one. they were just trying to get a screen pass off and can barely do that. but jason worilds has really become the go-to guy on this defense forever. it had been lamar woodley. but late in the year worilds has taken over and taken his spot on that defensive left side. >> al: third and ten. the pass is knocked down at the 50 yard line by cortez allen. so this is pretty much the last gasp right here on a fourth and ten. >> cris: aj green has a bunch of catches but he has not changed the game at all. cortez down to a little tug there as a veteran will, but they have not let aj green get loose tonight. >> al: green, nine passes, 98
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yards, long and 19. fourth and ten. and dalton going deep and incomplete, intended for green. looks for a flag, there is none and the steelers take over. >> cris: well, you have troy polamalu playing back, almost like a center fielder in baseball here. little break on the ball and really aj green didn't pick up that ball until late. that's a play he's made a bunch of times this season going up and making that catch. and dick lebeau saying, there you goe. now we're looking like steelers defenders again. you just wonder what would have been with this team if they don't lose foote and pouncey opening day.
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they had heath miller healthy. that was the killer for them this year. >> al: dwyer, gain of eight. that will take us to the two-minute warning. cincinnati out of time-outs. so the steelers will still be mathematically alive. cincinnati will go to 9-5 and they get an injured -- another injury here. jayson dimanche. i think that's the linebacker. >> cris: yep. >> al: glance at the number, yep. rookie out of southern illinois. >> cris: i tell you, these injuries starting to mount up and especially at the cornerback position. i have no idea what happened with dre kirkpatrick, but with terrence newman out with that mcl sprain and of course their best corner, leon hall gone as well. there's dre kirkpatrick back in there.
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he's had a pretty nice game. ly say that. i thought the quickness of these steelers receivers may get the better of him. he has really hung in there. first-round draft pick and he has not been a happy guy not playing. but he has come in, got his chance tonight and done well. >> al: dimanche goes to the sideli sideline. >> cris: the guy that really did not have the huge impact in the passing game that i thought might was giovani bernard. you know, he's had plenty of one on one opportunities. little tip of the cap really to lawrence timmons and some of these linebackers done a pretty good job on him in the passing game. >> al: they start to wind the clock again once dimanche leaves the field. we go to the two-minute warning at heinz field with the
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pittsburgh steelers on top trying to go to 6-8. 30-20, pittsburgh.
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>> al: wendy's post game report coming up at the end of the game. michele down on the field interviewing the stars of game. bob, tony and mike break it down. we will take a look ahead to next week when the bears take on the eagles. see what happened with those teams today. minnesota built an early lead and then foles and jackson make it 21-16. zach ertz made it 27-22. the vikings would not be denied today. matt cassel to cordarrelle patterson. minnesota minus ap win. cutler comes back after a month absence in chicago after an ankle injury hits alshon jeffery to tie the game. a 40-yard touchdown run and the chicago bears had their hands full in cleveland but wind up
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winning the game over the browns by a score of 38-31. >> cris: give jay cutler a little credit, too. because he came out with some early turnovers and you start to think, did they make the right choice? but he came back and was big in the second half and led them back. >> al: bears and eagles on sunday night next week. second down and two from the 30 yard line. and roethlisberger gives the ball to dwyer. and that will take us down to about 1:15 or so before pittsburgh has to snap the ball again. >> cris: big ben is kind of right in the prime of his career, isn't he? you can see more and more he is taking over this offense. more and more comfortable calling those plays and audibles at the line of scrimmage. they look to him now as the unquestioned leader.
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and todd haley has, i think, gotten his point across. because you're seeing that ball come out a lot quicker. he is not taking the hits he used to take in the back. >> al: third and two, first down will officially end it. instead it's a fourth down. so barely breathe rg the bengals but it's a fourth down here and they have to do something with this over the next half minute. >> cris: well, i would think steelers probably just go for this, right? >> al: i would think. run it around. you'll give cincinnati the ball back with half a minute. and say go score twice. >> cris: good luck. although it is the nfl. your arizona cardinals about allowed that to happen today. i would like to watch you cheering for teams. >> al: don't give away any secrets now, would you? on fourth and one. here is dwyer.
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and stuck at the 28 yard line. if they do, they'll get the ball back and meanwhile, the clock keeps running. so in effect, you're basically saying you picked up the first down. and ed hochuli looks over. and he signals first down. otherwise they would have had to put several seconds back on the clock. but it's all moot now. as the bengals head back to finish up the season at paul brown stadium. pittsburgh scores early and often, wins the game, 30-20. coming up next the wendy's post game after these messages. i love watching tv outside.
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>> announcer: welcome to the wendy's post game report. here now, bob costas. teetering on the brink the steelers come up with an impressive performance tonight and stay alive, although only barely in the playoff race. they defeat the bengals, 30-20. ben roethlisberger 20 of 25, through for a touchdown and threw his first interception in four games. and antonio brown who had five catches one for a touchdown and a 67 yard pupt return td. they're likenesses go up. and they stand down on the field with michele tafoya. >> michele: well, ben, with the win tonight you keep your slim playoff hopes alive.
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you looked like a team with nothing to lose. you were hot out of the gate. what was the mental approach? >> just win. that's all it was. come out and win and play this game. that's all we could do is control this game and out here and that's what we did tonight. >> michele: one of the reasons you did that you were really well protected up front. part of that was getting rid of the ball quickly. how did they keep you up right? >> boys did a good job. they identify well. they block hard and just really proud of the way they play up front. >> michele: and le'veon bell with over 100 yards from the scrimmage. what has he meant to this offense? >> she a great play maker. she a great compliment. he can do everything. i'm proud of the way he's grown. >> michele: congratulations, ben. let's turn to antonio brown. they're both freezing out here and want to get in. but you got off to such a quick start. the touchdown catch and the punt return for a touchdown. after coming so close last week with that lateral play, how badly did you want to be the guy to set the tone tonight?
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>> it was absolutely my prerogative to come out here and set the tone for my team. it was a great home victory. >> michele: it was. now i have to wonder, how you guys stay inspired with your playoff hopes so slim? >> well, we have passion for this game. you know, we have love for this game. our relationship for the game. it don't change. when we're in the stadium, we want to be at your best. we have to compete every game. >> michele: finally, you and pierre garcon are the only two receivers in the league with five receptions in every game this season so far. to what do you attribute the consistency? >> well, great quarterback play. ben in the areas he want you be in and being able to trust the ball. >> michele: go get warm. >> thank you. >> michele:ly too, bob. >> let's look at the afc playoff picture. the top three seeds all lost this week. so after the patriots fell today in miami the bengals missed an opportunity to overtake new england for the number two seed. kansas city meanwhile, clinched the playoff berth with a win
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today in oakland while the dolphins moved into the final spot for the time being. but ravens play tomorrow night in detroit own the head-to-head tiebreaker against miami. tony, which loss in your mind was the most significant this week? >> bob, i think it was cincinnati's loss tonight because not only did they lose that opportunity to move into the number two spot, but they energized the baltimore ravens because now the ravens know if they win out, win their final three games they're the north division champs and i don't think anybody outside of that baltimore locker room was considering that as a possibility. >> okay. over in the nfc, only seattle has locked up a playoff spot for sure and with the two-game cushion they're one win or one 49ers loss away from clinching home field throughout. it's a three-team race for the nfc north with the bears winning today to grab the lead for the moment. both the nfc east contenders lost today so the eagles remain
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a game ahead of the cowboys. tony, a crushing loss for dallas today against the packers, but you're still optimistic about their chances. why? >> if i'm jason garrett, i tell that team in the meeting tomorrow, hey, we're down in the ten spot, yes, we had a bad home loss, but we still have our playoff future in our hands. all we have to do is go to washington, win a game against a team that only has three wins. then we come back at home and play the last game. we don't need help from anyone else. we still control things if we play good ball for two weeks and win two games. >> yeah. because if they finished tied with philadelphia, they would have the tiebreaker. if they can beat them the last sunday of the regular season in dallas. thank you, tony. we turn now to mike florio, mike, what will you have your eye on tomorrow? >> well, like coach dungy said the glass is half full for the cowboys. it will be empty for coach jason garrett if they don't make it to the playoff.
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now owner jerry jones said last month that garrett will be back in 2014. but after today's loss, jones said he won't give a weekly vote of confidence for jason garrett. few people believe that garrett will be back if they fail to make it to the playoffs for the third-straight year. we'll keep a close eye on that. the packers are now over .500. if aaron rodgers can make it back for the final two regular season games and if the packers can beat the steelers and the bears and if the lions lose one of the final three games the pack lers win the nfc north and could be very dangerous in the post swn a healthy aaron rodgers. >> for all that and more, don't miss mike florio on pro football talk presented by chevrolet. tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and every weekday afternoon on nbc sn. the final score, pittsburgh, 30. cincinnati 20 and al and cris back to wrap things up from the steel city after this.
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>> announcer: welcome back to the wendy's post game report. here now al michaels and cris collinsworth. going to flex into a game next sunday night in philadelphia. it's the bears against the eagles. very interesting the way those two divisions are shaping up and obviously a huge game for both teams. >> yeah. i'm forward to watching the bears receivers play. alshon jefferys is making a circus catch to turn the game around. brandon marshall. mar tell us bennett. big physical guys. but really philadelphia's defense is not as bad as what they showed today. they've been played much better ball than that. i'm sure we'll see their best next week. >> fun to have chip kelly for the first time. nick foles. >> nick foles almost set an nfl record this year, too, with 19 touchdown passes without an nech interception to start the year.
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>> i know from long jumping. >> next week, philadelphia and chicago on "sunday night football." until then, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya and our entire gang saying good night from heinz field in night from heinz field in pittsburgh. -- captions by vitac --
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it's not something cleej students need during a finals week. a spike in crime on the uc berkeley campus. what the thieves are -- stealing. and we're looking at another cold night and spare the air alert. >> touchdown 49ers. >> the 49ers with a big win in tampa bay. we have reaction and post game from the 49ers on xfinity sports sunday.
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good evening. i'm diane dwyer and thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. we are on right now because of sunday night football. we begin with new information from berkeley. police are stepping up patrols after a spike in robbery, four in less than a week. thieves are targeting students late at night and taking cell phones an other -- and other electronics, sometimes at gunpoint. and monty is live, i would guess many students are up studying. >> campus police are urging students not to walk alone but walk in groups. if you are alone, there are code blue phones all over campus, you press that blue button and you are immediately connected to campus police. >> with finals week at hand, students are burning the midnight oil and robbers are targeting students walking home
8:55 pm
from the library late at night and taking backpacks, cell phones and laptops. the most recent attack happened at 2:45 this morning in front of dwinel hall when a robber tried to steal a student's purse. she was able to break free and took off running. >> it is the person walking alone with their head down, not paying attention to their surroundings. >> reporter: but that is not always the case. earlier on monday morning, two were beat up. >> held at gunpoint. he was carrying a camera and try pod and going out star gazing and they took everything he had. i mean he was taken down with a -- with a buddy too. you are facing a gun, numbers doesn't patter too much. >> reporter: tang said his friend suffered bruises but no broken bones but the attack has taken a psychological toll on his friends. >> we are entirely less likely
8:56 pm
to stay out late now. at least i am. >> it is scary. libraries are open 24 hours and people take advantage of that because it is finals week. it is terrifying to think you are not safe at campus, especially when you have other things on your mind. >> reporter: and campus police have safety shuttles and safety officers that will walk you home if you ask for an escort and have stepped up patrol to keep students say. >> thank you, monty. a gunman in san francisco shot and killed a 16-year-old boy overnight in the silver tar ace neighborhood near 280. according to officers, clifton chapman was shot once and killed. paramedics rushed a second victim to the hospital who is in serious condition and one neighbor heard something that sounded like fire crackers going off. >> i didn't think much about it
8:57 pm
until i heard police cars driving by and i thought it was just a car chase because since we were close by the freeway, we hear police cars driving by real fast with sirens, so didn't think much about it until i heard the ambulance and the fire truck. >> investigators are trying to determine if the shooting was gang related. a fire burned an apartment complex in san francisco this morning and tonight 30 people had to niend somewhere -- find somewhere else to sleep. it started at 9:30 on a three-story building on powell street across from washington square park in north beach. it took firefighters 30 minutes to get flames under control. no injuries were reported. officials say the fire and water seriously damaged 12 apartments there and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and farther south in san jose, a fire burned a house and injured three people, one seriously at about 2:45 this afternoon. firefighters say the fire started at a home on coachland
8:58 pm
avenue new near the willow glenn shopping center. all four people were injured. one was rushed to the hospital to be treated for serious burns and the red cross is trying to find the family temporary housing tonight. the fire started in the kitchen when the three were making wax candles and the cabinets caught on fire. well a car crashed into a building tonight in redwood city at a car dealership on el camino real. this video just came into the newsroom. people inside of the car needed help to get out but still no word on their injuries at this point. another spare the air alert has been issued for the bay area for tomorrow. rob explains what is going on. >> the spare the air alert impacting a larger area with worse air quality. this is south bay yesterday, and heading into monday it is the north bay and the coast, and alert for sensitive groups.
8:59 pm
and some of the pollution being pushed out toward the coast, so unusual to see the bad quality near the seashorement we are watching for air quality and another spare the air day for tuesday. and tomorrow a bit of a warm-up with the windsute of the south. we'll see our temperatures climb in some locations. we'll get the highs close to 70 degrees. we'll let you know how long the temperatures will be around in your forecast coming up in a few minutes. diane. >> thank you, rob. another look at the fire. and new information on what may have gone wrong there. also -- >> three, two, one -- merry christmas. >> and making the holidays brighter for struggling military families. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham
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